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Welcome to Naya: Passionately Pioneering the Future of Technology

Established in 2021 by three ambitious entrepreneurs from the University of Groningen, our Dutch scaleup is driven by innovation and a dedication to delivering extraordinary products, solutions and experiences.


Redefining Technology Interaction: Elevate your connection with the Digital Realm!

At Naya, we're transforming how you engage with technology by creating seamless, intuitive interactions that unleash your full creative potential. Our groundbreaking mission starts with Naya Create - the revolutionary modular split keyboard that reinvents your connection to the digital world. Join us in shaping the future of innovation and empowering creators everywhere to reach new heights!

Cultures & Values

Our vibrant culture is the foundation of integrity, accountability, and open communication. We view mistakes as invaluable learning opportunities, fostering a dynamic environment where everyone is empowered to grow. Together as a team, we exel at facing challenges and embracing diverse perspectives.

Our inclusive atmosphere encourages fearless sharing, nurturing our scaleup's agile and customer-centric mindset. Join us in cultivating a workplace that's not only challenging but also rewarding and enjoyable—a place you'll look forward to each day!

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At Naya, we envision a world where technology interactions are seamless and intuitive. We are dedicated to developing innovative products, like Naya Create, to bring this vision to life. Through these seamless and intutive interactions, users can truly unlock the full potential and capabilities of their imaginations.

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  • Groningen, Groningen, Netherlands

Hiring Process

Introduction call with the recruiter

1st Interview with hiring manager and HR


2nd Interview with co-founders



Join us in shaping the future of innovation and empowering creators everywhere to reach new heights!


CES Innovation Award

Flink Pitch Winner